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Visual Coutureis an art and design concept service, collaborating with various companies and brands on different projects ranging from jewellery to art. We affiliate with world-renowned photographers, high-conceptual designers, jewellery makers and supported by well known luxury brands.

Our aim is to combine ideas with reality and imagination with purpose. Through building our own dreams and making art, we are also eager to share our experience, expertise and established pool of like minded individuals in arts, culture and beyond to give wings to your ideas.



With production briefly halted and machinery pushed to one side, a small part of the Hamburg factory was transformed into an exclusive dining area for a special anniversary dinner to celebrate 25 years of the Boston Piano designed by Steinway & Sons.

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It has been 25 years since the Boston Piano first launched and ushered in a new era for the world’s finest piano maker. In the late 1980s, chief piano designer Susan Kenagy and colleagues were tasked with designing a new brand of Steinway.

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Having been given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour around the factory, it gave Visual Couture London a first-hand insight into the painstaking dedication given to each part of the manufacturing process to produce just one piano. In the late 1800s, more than 100 patents formed the basis for todays modern concert grand piano; copies of original patents hang in various departments of the factory, a reminder of the original lineage and history that still goes into making a Steinway.

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Whichever brand of Steinway-designed piano is being put together, whether in the U.S., Germany, China or Japan, each product is rigorously tested and will contain the Steinway methodology.

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Steinway and his sons founded the company in 1853. Many years after the family ethics is going even stronger.

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