Bespoke art and design concept service

Visual Couture has an exclusive access to a large number of highly collectible photographs and fine prints from the world-known photographers and a series of vintage photographic negatives.

We work with the biggest names in the industry so we can provide exquisite and previously unseen works from the grand masters of modern photography. Once a work of art is chosen by the client, Visual Couture can render any type of finished print.

Historic Prints

A historic or vintage print is an original photograph contemporaneously developed from the negative in a dark room by, or under the supervision of, the photographer – in essence, the photographer’s first sight of his work in print form.

Vintage prints are often considered to be the original piece of art.


The metal is absorbed into the paper rather than laying on its surface as an emulsion. This means not only that the print responds to light differently from traditional black and white prints, but that every print, of the same image is absolutely unique, a consequence of even minimal differences in handling and personal judgements by the printer.


The silver aluminum strips can use any negative strip of choice. They are ideal for interior design and to fill a specific small space.

Negative purchase

There are two options for purchasing a negative- either there is a possibility to purchase a previously unseen negative or one that is already in circulation i.e. has been used for an edition of rare fine art prints.

Unseen images

Unique unseen images selection of Hollywood Stars, Rock bands and Politicians are in archives of Visual Couture for private viewings only.


Israeli photographer Shlomi Nissim has an uncanny eye for the surreal. His photos amplify the feeling that we are better off when in the middle of nature. Nissim creates fairy tales and invites us to be part of them, even if it's just emotionally. The surprising dynamic in his photography prints between people and nature will leave you breathless and asking for more.

Commercial photographer Joseph Ford always finds a unique angle or situation to shoot. Treading a fine line between art and commerce, and between the seriously impossible and impossibly serious, Ford brings out the playfulness in every day life. Whatever photography prints you choose it will make you think every time you look at it.

When it comes to definitive celebrity photography artist, there is no one more iconic than O'Neill. Sinatra's official photographer, he took snaps of everyone from Clint Eastwood, to Raquel Welch, to David Bowie and Amy Winehouse. His black and white prints capture the glamour of a Hollywood past and the very spark of talent.