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Visual Coutureis an art and design concept service, collaborating with various companies and brands on different projects ranging from jewellery to art. We affiliate with world-renowned photographers, high-conceptual designers, jewellery makers and supported by well known luxury brands.

Our aim is to combine ideas with reality and imagination with purpose. Through building our own dreams and making art, we are also eager to share our experience, expertise and established pool of like minded individuals in arts, culture and beyond to give wings to your ideas.



Visual Couture London met with legendary English photographer to discuss his new Bowie by O'Neill book launch and see some lesser known images of David Bowie from the secret archives.

A collector’s edition book and print set, comprising of only 25 copies, BOWIE BY ONEILL is a lasting tribute to an icon, featuring the work of legendary photographer Terry ONeill.

This edition comes in a custom designed velvet presentation box and is sealed with a metallic clasp. A specially commissioned bas-relief portrait of Bowie, inspired by ONeills work, features a hand-applied 24K gold-leaf embellishment to the portrait. This book is packaged with two signed Terry ONeill prints, one of Elizabeth Taylor and David Bowie and one of William Burroughs and David Bowie. This collectors edition also includes one 16 x 20 print by Terry ONeill of David Bowie on-stage in 1976 in an exclusive printing of 25, signed and editioned by Terry ONeill.

014 (1).jpg014 (2).jpg
In this deluxe book, Terry ONeill collaborated with Red Engines Art Director Des Curran to painstakingly cull the archive of ONeills Bowie photography and curated a book that breaks the boundary of traditional publishing. By incorporating multiple inserts, design crops and colourisation, BOWIE BY ONEILL becomes more than just a book of photography – but a book that stands alone as a piece of art.

To purchase exclusive signed photographs featured in the book please contact us via

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