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Visual Couture is an art and design concept service, collaborating with various companies and brands on different projects ranging from jewellery to art. We affiliate with world-renowned photographers, high-conceptual designers, jewellery makers and supported by well known luxury brands.

Our aim is to combine ideas with reality and imagination with purpose. Through building our own dreams and making art, we are also eager to share our experience, expertise and established pool of like minded individuals in arts, culture and beyond to give wings to your ideas.



In March 2012 Visual Couture in collaboration with Harrods Luxury Estates hosted an exclusive exhibition launch for 300 guests “Sleeping with the Stars” at Rook&Raven Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

The preview featured bespoke pieces of Luxury Furniture created by award winning brand Jimmie Martin and legendary English photographer Terry O’Neill.


“I’m always excited to work with talented people and fresh ideas and this collaboration ticked all the boxes. The idea of turning my images into bespoke couture furniture hand-crafted by Jimmie Martin as one-off pieces of art is an unmissable opportunity”
Terry O’Neill


Jimmie Martin used Terry O’Neill’s most celebrated and never-before-seen images to inspire statement baroque, yet postmodernist pieces. The famous faces that adorned the sofas, beds, chairs and armoires included Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Mick Jagger, Al Pacino and Mia Farrow.


Selected pieces incorporated 22-carat gold leaf finish. Each piece was signed by Terry O’Neill and Jimmie Martin and considered a piece of modern art and a rare collectable.


“I love Terry O’Neill’s photography, it just radiates class and this collaboration, these unique pieces of furniture will give his incredible talent some extra visual exposure and sex appeal but in a very subtle and beautiful way,” said Yana Uralskaya, founder of Visual Couture, “and Jimmie Martin’s furniture makes any environment just a little bit edgier and cooler. The buyers will both own a piece of pop culture history and a piece of art.”

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